What Role Can Health Care Providers Play?

You’re often seen as the expert on raising kids and keeping them healthy. Share the wealth of information you have about kids with the people closest to them - parents.


Health care providers:

Parenting is easier when families know what to expect, from teething to gaining independence as a teen.

Seeing people when they’re feeling their worst is hard, but it gives you a special role to play in offering help.

What Can You Do?

You meet one of the biggest concrete needs a parent has: health care.

It’s not just about physical health - you can also make sure that families take care of their mental health and need for social connections.

Help expecting parents.

Refer families expecting a baby to the Welcome Baby Box program, which provides concrete assistance like diapers and baby clothes as well as a list of community resources.

Learn how to partner with advocacy groups that work with domestic violence survivors at DV Health Partnerships.

Suggest community resources to help families even after they leave your office.

Lane Kids and Parenting Now! both provide parenting information, classes, and a wealth of resources.

Normalize infant crying that can frustrate new parents.

Help prevent shaken-baby syndrome by finding out more about normal infant crying and how it can overwhelm parents at The Period of Purple Crying website.

Share an invitation to the Welcome Baby Box

If you see patients in South or West Lane County, 90by30’s Welcome Baby Box is available now to anyone expecting a baby. Find out more here.


Offer community resources to new mothers - or use those resources to find out more yourself.

Wellmama provides training for providers in pregnancy support and post-partum depression as well as offering direct support to women and families. Daisy C.H.A.I.N. also provides resources for nursing mothers and other post-partum support.

Learn about how to support patients who are survivors of abuse or neglect.

Find resources at Lane County’s Trauma Healing Project.

Talk about intimate partner violence with your patients.

One in four women and one in seven men in the U.S. have experienced IPV, and health care providers play a key role in supporting healthy relationships. Find out more at Futures Without Violence’s IPV Health website.

Connect patients with county support systems.

Lane County Maternal Child Health offers resources like Oregon MothersCare, which enrolls pregnant women in the Oregon Health Plan; the Nurse-Family Partnership, which pairs first-time parents with a nurse early in the pregnancy to receive ongoing visits; and Healthy Families Lane County, a free family support and parent education home visiting program.

Help keep children safe in times of crisis.

Safe Families for Children temporarily hosts children and provide a network of support to families in crisis while they get back on their feet.

Share K(no)w More on Facebook and spread the word that there are ways to get involved.

Resources for Health Care Providers